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The millions you are losing in revenue from your existing clients.

Data-driven business development software which uses AI to help Analyse, Prioritise and Execute your firm's highest value client opportunities.

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Welcome to a DNA blueprint of your firm's best client opportunities

WhiteSpace is a data-driven software tool, which uses AI to identify and blueprint the highest value and most immediate revenue opportunities across your Key Clients, Practice and Industry Groups. Best of all, it tells you who in your firm is best placed to action the opportunity.


Analyse and evaluate thousands of client opportunities

Simply having all the data is not enough. WhiteSpace enables you to visualise the data, identify gaps and understand the profile of all of your clients.

#2 Prioritise

Prioritise the highest value opportunities

How do you know what opportunities to focus on? WhiteSpace takes thousands of potential opportunities and instantly ranks them so you can focus efforts on the best ones.


Use AI to match the best people to the best opportunities

You need the right people working on the right opportunities. WhiteSpace allows you to maximise conversion rates by matching partners based on experience, network, and relevant sector knowledge.


Execute the opportunities quickly and simply

Once opportunities have been identified, you need to move quickly. WhiteSpace creates the objectives and recommends the team, making it easy for them to get started.


Enable greater collaboration for faster revenue growth

How do you enable busy people to collaborate effectively? WhiteSpace create teams around opportunities, drives collaboration, provides automated updates and streamlined communication tools.

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Distinguished Fellow - Harvard Law School

Not all collaboration is smart. Make sure you do it right. Professional service firms face a serious challenge. Their clients increasingly need them to solve complex problems--everything from regulatory compliance to cybersecurity, the kinds of problems that only teams of multidisciplinary experts can tackle.

Smart Collaboration by Heidi Gardner

The Power of Collaboration

Dr Heidi Gardner, Distinguished Fellow, shows that where firms successfully collaborate they earn higher margins, inspire greater client loyalty and gain a competitive edge.

For access to the collaboration research underlying WhiteSpace, please see the Insights page of https://www.gardnerandco.co